Do you want to relieve or proactively prevent back pain? Road bikes, mountain bikes and running shoes aren’t really your thing? But after an eight-hour day in the office you want to get out into nature and put your muscles to work? Or are you looking for an effective supplement to your current training plan? ... If you can say yes to the above questions, then the Streetstepper is the ideal sports equipment for you!

  • ideal for hips, knees, joints and back
  • Gentle joint-muscle coordination training and cardiovascular training
  • Gently and effectively trains the entire musculoskeletal  system
  • Up to 30 km/h speed and 15% incline possible
  • Ideal training equipment for rehabilitation
  • Great for toning the bum and thighs

“The original idea for the Streetstepper came to me while I was in the gym,” explains Streetstepper founder Martin Buchberger from Austria. During a workout, the qualified mechanical engineer noticed that on the stepper, he reached a power of 270 watts with a pulse rate of 140, but on the ergometric bike only 220 watts with the same pulse rate. The step machine therefore seemed much more efficient.


With the Streetstepper the two step levers are decoupled and move independently. As a result, the legs do not work against each other. So, if you push down one “pedal” on the Streetstepper, the other does not go up automatically, but when you release it. Not only recreational sports people use the Streetstepper to workout but many professional athletes too as a change to their regular training. These include snowboarding world champion Heidi Neururer, as well as endurance athletes, like professional triathlete Tim Lange and extreme mountain runner Markus Kröll.